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Our Student Creed

As a student of the One Tribe Martial Arts Academy,

I promise to develop my physical and mental discipline in order to bring out the

best in myself and others.

I promise to take pride in the art I am learning, and never to be abusive or

offensive unless in self- defense.

I promise to respect the tradition of Kung Fu, follow the rules and regulations,

and always be supportive of my school.

Kung Fu: Choy Lay Fut

Choy Lay Fut, one of Kung Fu’s the most efficient and popular styles, reaches back almost two centuries. The founder, Chan-Heung, studied first under the Shaolin Monk Choy-Fok. Once Chan-Heung’s foundation was firmly in place, Choy-Fok took him to the famed Master Lay Yau-Shan, where Chan-Heung learned the ferocious fighting techniques and fast movements of the Lay-Kar Kung Fu system. When both teachers were satisfied with his progress, they sent him to learn the advanced "Buddhist Palm Style" from the 'Green Grass Monk'. Combining the best of these three styles with his own knowledge and experience, Chan-Heung developed the Choy Lay Fut style of Kung Fu.To this day, Choy Lay Fut thrives as one of the most practical and powerful styles of Kung Fu, and its practitioners continue to carry on the underlying philosophy and traditions of respect.

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