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Buddy Week(s)! (August 28 - September 9)

Invite your friend, co-worker, and/or neighbors!

Bring your 'buddy' to take class with you and WIN BIG:

  • You have a chance to win an additional $100 Tribe Cash in our referral raffle! More buddies = more raffle entries!

  • You GET $100 Tribe Cash if your buddy Joins the TRIBE, guaranteed!

  • Your 'buddy' is entered into a $500 Tribe Cash raffle after they join!

  • Tribe Cash can be used to pay for memberships, private lessons, promotions, tournaments, and merchandise!

Bring your 'buddy' to a BEGINNER class, TIGER class, or our KICKBOXING class for adults! (See class times in the Schedule Section) Call the office (925-288-0900) or email us ahead of time. Print out the buddy week handout or pick some up in the office today! Encourage your 'buddies' to JOIN the TRIBE!

#referral #tribecash #raffle

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