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Spring In-House Tournament

In preparation for the annual Tat Wong Championship in May, we are hosting a small in-house tournament for our students on Sunday, April 9 to gain some competition experience beforehand.

The tournament will encourage students to compete against one another by performing their best hand form, weapon form, and/or sparring. Students will compete against fellow students of similar age and belt level. We are even hosting a 4-STAR competition for our black belts! In this competition, we will truly see the best of the best as black belts must be great in FOUR categories, hand form, short weapon, long weapon, and sparring to earn the title of 4-STAR GRAND CHAMPION!

All competitors will receive a free tournament t-shirt and trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The deadline to sign up is this Saturday, April 1. Classes will be CANCELLED Sunday, April 9. The schedule of events are below. There's still room available, sign up at the office or over the phone, go for the GOLD!

8:00am: Check-in

9:00am: Forms-Tigers & Junior Beginners

10:00 am: 4-Star Hand Forms

10:30am: Forms-Juniors Int./Advanced

11:00am: 4-Star Short Weapon Forms

11:30am: Junior Sparring

12:00pm: Creative & Group Forms-All Levels

12:30pm: 4-Star Long Weapon Forms

1:00pm: Forms-Teens & Adults

1:30pm: Sparring-Teens & Adults

2:00pm: 4-Star Sparring

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