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The Results are IN! 2017 TWKFA Championship Tournament

On Sunday, May 7th Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy hosted their annual championship tournament. This tournament was very exciting, not only because all our competitors did such a great job, but also because it was our first tournament as One Tribe Martial Arts Academy!

Some highlights include...

  • Marina Jajeh fighting in her Sanshou match, great heart and your is much improved since the last time!

  • Sijeh Denise Mitchell is your Adult Women THREE STAR CHAMPION!

  • Sihing Kevin Wong won 3rd place in the Teen THREE STAR!

Whether you won gold, silver, or bronze we are so proud of your efforts and dedication you put in prior to the competition. It made us so proud to watch all our students participating and cheering each other on.

Thank you, also, to all the volunteers who helped make the day run so smooth. Below is the medal count and few pictures from our students competing that day. Also, check out this amazing performance by the San Mateo TWKFA school during the opening ceremony, the Guan Dao Army!

Sifu Felipe's Guan Dao Army

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