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2018 Fourth of July Parade/Picnic - Recap

On July 4th, about 60 of our students and their families performed in the Concord 4th of July Parade at Todos Santos Plaza. Our junior Dragon team practiced for two weeks in the blistering summer heat to put together a fantastic nunchakus routine. It was especially great to see some of our newest students rise to the challenge to learn the routine in a few days. This parade was extra special because it marked the debut of our DRAGON DANCE TEAM. Led by Sihing Luke, it weaved through the crowds and twisted and coiled in the street. Definitely a crowdpleaser, and not bad after only a few weekends of practice.

Great job Justin Sin on the drumming the entire parade for the first time! You didn't skip a beat! And a special shout to all our parent volunteers who kept our performers hydrated and motivated throughout the parade!

It was great to spend the rest of the afternoon with our students and families at our annual 4th of July Picnic in Clayton. I am continually amazed by the community that we've built as a TRIBE in such a short period of time, where we can come together over a meal, make new friends, and connect over things other than Kung Fu. This year was particularly special for me because it was my daughter's first parade. I want to personally thank our tribe for showing such care and a welcoming spirit to her, you are truly her family away from home.

Lastly, for the second year in a row, my team beat Sihing Robbie's team in Ultimate Frisbee, age beats youth AGAIN! Better luck next year students ! Special shout out to Lucy Lee for organizing the potluck and Fran for all the terrific parade pics!

Thank you again tribe for showing why you're the best tribe and what makes this country the best!

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