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Congratulations One Tribe Black Belt Class of Fall 2022

Congratulations to our newest black belts who endured a grueling 3-hour examination proctored via zoom by Grand Master Tat-Mau Wong and Master Jeff Chow on Saturday, October 1. The test included a comprehensive review of all their Kung Fu techniques and knowledge followed by challenging endurance exercises and a graduation ceremony.

Those who came to watch and support the candidates were amazed to see all the students perform their forms and exude so much passion and determination. Apparently, some of the parents and spectators even joined their candidates in their horse stance with staffs on their legs!

As instructors, it has been a privilege and an honor to help guide these amazing students on their Kung Fu journey. We have witnessed so much mental and physical growth over the years. Whether a first-time candidate or testing for a higher degree, we are so proud of your accomplishments and we know that you will continue your Kung Fu training with new resolve. Your new status is not only proof of your skill and hard work but also an inspiration for your fellow classmates.

It was great to end the night with such excellent speeches by all the students. Any person watching you all would be proud to be a part of such a great community, and we look forward to seeing what you accomplish next! Congratulations again to all the graduates. Well done!

6th Degree

Sihing Nobu O.

Sijeh Denise M.

Sijeh Marina J.

2nd Degree

Collin H.

Joshua Z.

1st Degree

Christie C.

Black Belt

Ishaan M.

Edward W-P.

Juliana P.

Jacob P.

Spencer S.

Ashton W.

Penn E-E.

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