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Reflecting on Another Amazing One Tribe Championship Tournament

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

On Sunday, November 17th One Tribe Martial Arts Academy hosted our annual championship tournament. This tournament was very exciting, not only because all our competitors did such a great job, but also because it was we had such a great turnout this year

Some highlights include...

  • This was the first tournament we held a FOUR STAR competition (hand form, long weapon, short weapon, and sparring). Two of our black belts, Maddox and Adel placed 2nd in the junior FOUR STAR competition and Sijeh Belize Riggs got 2nd in the teen FOUR STAR. Each competition was very close, coming down to the final sparring match. Win or lose, we are proud of these students for demonstrating not only their expertise in forms, but that they can ultimately KICK BUTT!

  • Sijeh Denise Mitchell is your Adult Women THREE STAR CHAMPION! Anna Zakaria competed in Three Star for the first time and won 3rd! Sihing Nobu Osoegawa is your Adult Men's THREE STAR CHAMPION! Sihing Kevin Wong is your Teen THREE STAR champion!

  • Si-mo Rowena Lee fought for the first time in an exhibition match against one of Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy's fighters. Nervous at first, she held her own and we are proud of her taking up this match on short notice.

  • We raised over $1500 for Project Night Night through spectator ticket sales!

  • This was the largest turn out for our tournament! We want to thank all the instructors and volunteers from Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy and Five Animals Kung Fu Academy for helping judge, score keep, set up, and clean up after the tournament. We truly couldn't have pulled off such an amazing event without you!

Whether you won gold, silver, or bronze we are so proud of your efforts and dedication you put in prior to the competition. It made us so proud to watch all our students participating and cheering each other on.

A very special thank you to the following people: Sifu Luke - thank you for all the countless hours you put it to ensure the day runs as smooth as possible! P.S. I Cake You - thank you to Cathy for creating delicious treats for everyone to enjoy! Milk Tea Lab/Poke Lab - thank you for catering another One Tribe event! Terry Enlow - thank you for capturing such amazing pictures! Below is a slideshow of some pictures from the day.

Don't forget - Our Holiday Party is this Saturday! Please send us your most memorable pictures from this year for our annual slideshow!

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