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Black Belt Spring Class of 2017

Congratulations to our newest black belts who endured a grueling six-hour examination conducted by Grand Master Tat-Mau Wong and Master Jeff Chow on March 25. The examination included a comprehensive review of all their Kung Fu techniques and knowledge. Students were led through weapon sets, hand forms, rapid Choy Lay Fut combinations, self-defense, and they ended the test with challenging endurance exercises and board-breaking.

A majority of our graduates, I've had the pleasure of teaching since they were Tigers (3-6). It is amazing to watch them mature into young adults and the dedication they exhibit towards their training over the years. Thank you for letting me be part of your life's journey towards this amazing accomplishment! So proud of you all!

The achievement of receiving a Black Belt is a memory that lasts a lifetime. Join us in congratulating all of our Spring Class of 2017 Black Belts including our very own Sihing Kevin, Sihing Robbie, and Sihing Lowen! (see list below)

4th Degree

Eric Lee

3rd Degree

Nobuaki Osoegawa

Tyler Joe

2nd Degree

Kevin Wong

Robbie Chyr

Lowen Cleofe

1st Degree

Karter Martinez

Sarah Schild

Black Belt

Harsheeth Aggarwal

Collin Howison

Jonathan Billideau

Adel Khan

Gabriel Ramirez

Nikko Shimada

Photos courtesy of Brandon Joe

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